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Airplane — 5:45 GMT — We’re almost there

Sunset or sunrise on the way to Ireland

Sunset or sunrise on the way to Ireland

The kids took photos of the sunset (or sunrise).

Dean had a little nap. I did too, on the pull-out tray and even began to dream, but now my neck hurts.

According to the flight info, we’ve got about a half hour to go. I don’t know how Dean is going to be able to drive the five hours to the house.

More airplane photos on Flickr.

Airplane — 2:15 am GMT — Dinner and a Movie

Dean on airplane

Dean on airplane

Clare’s dinner turned out to be vegan. She didn’t eat much.

Andrew, Dean and I had the beef entre. Reminded me of the time I returned to the US from England and began eating meat on the plane — Beef tips. It wasn’t good, but not awful.

Watching “Be Kind, Rewind” Not bad.

Airplane — 7:45 (Eastern Standard Time)

We had a nice surprise in that we expected no in-seat monitors and we got an airplane that has them, so we will be entertained.

I left Rupert at home. Simply forgot him. He wasn’t even on my to-do list, although I did think about it at least one time this week.