Co. Clare::Tullagher Bog & Dinner out — Day 13

Tullagher Bog -- the pond

Tullagher Bog -- the pond

Today we had a very lazy day. Dean and the kids played several games of cards in the morning.

I’d wanted to visit a bog while in Ireland, so I researched it on my Sidekick and discovered that Tullagher Bog, a nearly pristine and the last remaining raised bog in County Clare was closeby.

Bog Cotton

Bog Cotton

We tried, unsuccessfully, to find it, based on some coordinates online, but ended up having to ask at a shop in Doonbeg. Neither of the two shop girls had heard of it, but a customer was able to give us directions. I’m sure they all thought we were wacky Americans.

A bog plant

A bog plant

We found the bog and explored for a bit. There was a small lake or pond where we were with lily pads. We also saw bog cotton and heather and a funny looking plant that I don’t know the name of.

Stripping the bog for peat fuel

Stripping the bog for peat fuel

We also saw evidence of stripping the bog for peat for fuel. I’d read that this was controlled at this particular bog.

I wish we could have spent more time here, but the weather turned a little nasty and Andrew was bored. We drove around after that, then returned to our cottage.

After a lunch at home (packaged creamy vegetable soup — I need to find that in the States) Dean and I napped for a while.

A swallow on the deck

A swallow on the deck

That evening we went out to dinner at a local restaurant, Morrisey’s Seafood Bar & Grill, known for its delicious seafood. The reviews were correct. We spent €100, but as it is probably our only dinner out (except in Dublin on Tuesday night) we felt it was OK to splurge.

We considered going out for Celtic music after dinner, but ended up watching a silly Jack Black and Ben Stiller movie called Envy instead.

More Day 13 photos on Flickr.


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  1. Well done on your blog – great photos and a wonderful account of a family holiday enjoyed! It also helped me find where Tullager was. Amazing what one finds on the net when searching for things entirely different!

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