Co. Kerry::Part of the Ring of Kerry — Day 5

Torc Waterfall

Torc Waterfall

Today was quite mild, temperature wise. We drove to Kenmare, via Killarney and stopped off at Torc Waterfall for an hour hike through the park. It was lush, green and mossy.

The Lakes of Killarney as seen from Ladies View

The Lakes of Killarney as seen from Ladies View

The drive to Kenmare was beautiful. There was less traffic than I’d expected along this stretch of the Ring of Kerry. Spectacular views, the occasional ruin and plenty of sheep.

Kenmare is a busy little town. Yesterday seemed to be market day as a number of tents were set up with folks selling goods. The woman at the tourist information center was from the States though. We’ll have to let that one go.

Kenmare Stone Circle

Kenmare Stone Circle

We ate a much needed late lunch of sandwiches, soup and chocolate cake at a small cafe in town, then toured the town’s stone circle — the largest in the Southwest Ireland.  Then we walked to a secondhand bookstore and browsed for a while. It was drizzly by this time and I got to try out my new green raincoat.

Back at the car we drove onto Sneem, then drove back a different, much more spectacular way through the mountains.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree

We stopped in Killarney for more food and supplies and where I photographed a fine specimen of a Monkey Puzzle Tree that stands in the front garden of a house on the N71.

Back home we had leftover coq au vin over rice. Pretty good for a quick meal.

Birds (and other wildlife) seen today:

  • blackbird
  • wren
  • swallow
  • song thrush
  • robin
  • 3 Irish hares

Tomorrow we plan on maybe heading back to Dingle to see Inch Beach. There is a pub there that was built by someone in a book Andrew is reading for English.

More Day 5 photographs on Flickr.

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