Co. Kerry::Killarney National Park — Day 2

A Cathedral in Killarney

A Cathedral in Killarney

Dean and I got up at 10:00 am this morning — although I was awake from 2:30 – 4 am. Andrew was awake from 3 – 5. Clare and Andrew got up at 11.

We decided to visit Killarney today. It is only a 15 minute drive away and we figured we needed an easy day and drive.

We had to first visit Liam and Áine’s house because we were having trouble with the keys in the doors. The front door was impossible to turn (we didn’t want to break the key) and the back door lock was sticking too. We didn’t want to lock up and then not be able to get in when we returned.

Ross Castle, Killarney

Ross Castle, Killarney

They followed us to the house and after a few minutes and a few sprays of WD-40, fixed the locks. Then they lead us to Killarney where they’d planned to visit that day as well. We met the rest of their children — the twins, Evelyn and Ruth, and their toddler, Maeve.

Ferns in Killarney

Ferns in Killarney

In Killarney we toured St. Mark’s Cathedral, then walked to Ross Castle and took the tour there. Ross Castle was one of 3000 castles built during the 1500’s. It was restored in the 1970’s, thanks in part, to an Irish American from Philadelphia.

We walked back to Killarney by way of the River Walk. Along the river are primitive looking plants — horsetails and ferns.

Clare and Andrew playing Connect 4

Clare and Andrew playing Connect 4 in the lounge

Back in Killarney we stopped in a cafe for a mediocre meal, then we shopped for food at a Tesco and walked back to the car. We’d not realized that it costs money to use a cart in a grocery store nor the 22 cent (50 cent — usd) surchage they put on plastic grocery bags in Ireland.

Back home we played cards, then had a quiet evening in the lounge after the kids had turns at driving a stick shift and steering wheel on the right along the gravel driveway.

New birds I saw today were:

pie-billed wagtail
hooded crow

More Day 2 photos on Flickr.

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  1. indigo bunting

    Excellent birds…

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